Marc Gasser-Wingate


I’ve translated a few texts which are difficult to find in English:

I’ve developed a LaTeX tool to generate indices locorum automatically. This might be of interest if, like me, you’ve had some trouble getting LaTeX’s default indexing package to properly sort Stephanus and Bekker numbers (makeindex sorts in ASCII order, so that entries like 100a4 find themselves incorrectly placed before entries like 99b27).

The tool corrects this ordering and also provides some shorthand for citing ancient texts. So for instance invoking \Met[A3]{983a26} will output \emph{Met} A3 983a26 and add an index entry for 983a26 under the heading Metaphysics.

Dependencies: xparse, l3regex, imakeidx.

Minimal example: zip (contains tex and ist files).

Typeset index example, from a few chapters of my dissertation: pdf.